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Baan Yen-Akat is a small home for a Thai artist. Apart from his other 2 houses where he spends most of the time making artworks, this house will be the only one without a studio, a "home" by this definition.


Working with close collaboration with the artist with the ambition of making the house reaching its height limits of 15-meter without the need of a overheight room for the studio, together we creates 4 eclectic spaces in the form of 4 boxes on top of each other. Lining from the dining , living , bedroom , pavilion from ground floor to rooftop respectively, each box is sculpted around his different collections of his artworks and vintage doors, windows and elements. 

The main element of diagonal walls and ceilings plays the pivotal role in scaling down the building into a human-related scale, both vertically and horizontally, while creating the main character of the house. At the same time, by placing the staircase paralleling with the inclined site boundary, a unique staircase space is created and applied into a walk-through gallery with series of unique displays.

Baan Chuanchuen is located in a picturesque lakeside suburban village, however, the plot is unfortunately not facing the lake but just attached to a very small portion of it, which is where architectural idea intervened. 


Straightforwardly trying to frame the lake view from the 2nd and 3rd floor bedroom spaces, the solution is by 'Zig-Zagging' the wall in order to frame the lake view while at the same time providing full privacy from the attached public village recreation area and the common area of the house itself.


The hip roof is the owner's favourite roof form which we celebrates its key attibutes of linearity and luxurious 'Sala' quality, providing full ventilation, maximum natural lighting and maximum shading.

Solids upon Solids

Voids within Voids

Located at a site 2-minutes walk from Wat Yannawesakawan, Buddha Monthon. Baan Klai Wat creates sensory spaces which are humble and neutral. 

As a holiday home for meditation, functions are separated rather than compacted. The 5 Villas were placed around the central courtyard both on the ground floor and on the 2nd floor to form one big sala. The interplay between the loosely-configured positive and negative space creates both physical voids - skylights and openings where appropriate, and also mental voids - spaces where boundaries are so blurry that physical separation of spaces dissolves. This allows the surrounding texture of leaves, branches and other form of nature to intervene and play an integral role in creating the peace of mind.

Designed for an expanded family based in Northeastern Thailand, Baan Watcharapol is a Bangkok base for this family. As a holiday home, each family has their own "guestroom" and share the same "lobby lounge".


Renovated from a typical 90's suburban house, guestrooms are located around the lobby lounge and the two are structurally separated. The gable-shaped ceiling and roof in each bedroom represents each family's home brought together under one big roof of the lobby lounge area which brings everyone together to share their precious moments.

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